The Customer Experience. Refined.

As the leading integrated Vehicle Quality and Customer Experience Management company in the automotive industry, Enprecis Group provides comprehensive software solutions to understand, inform and remediate the consumer and vehicle experience.
We are committed to transforming the customer experience to drive improved satisfaction, experience, and loyalty for your brand through our software solutions, including the Foresight™ Customer Experience (CX) Management platform and CQi™ Vehicle Experience (VX) platform to measure continuous vehicle quality.

At Enprecis Group, we offer partnerships. From consultation through customized software development and ongoing support, we get to know your operational challenges and work with you to meet your unique needs to ensure you’re always operating at maximum productivity and profitability.


Our vision is to create an extraordinary vehicle and customer experience, where innovation, expertise and integrity are at the forefront of who we are. We strive to create opportunities for customer-focused brands to foster loyal brand promoters, while focusing on accountability, action, insights, customizations and mobility.


We develop innovative solutions, unique software and strategic tools for VX and CX users where quality is never sacrificed and partnerships are conducted with the utmost integrity. We strive to be the best in class in the Customer and Vehicle Experience Management space for automotive manufacturers around the world. Enprecis Group operates on a global scale, and our goals are to expand exponentially in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America while also continuing to dedicate efforts within North America and Europe.


Revolutionize your Customer Experience Program




The world’s leading technology for automotive Customer Experience Management

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